At Beau Stud,we specialize in exhibiting the following rabbit breeds: Mini Rex, German Lop, Dwarf Lop, Mini Lop, Harlequins, Magpies, Netherland Dwarf, Satin, Smoke Pearl, Tridutch, English Spot & Silver Fox. As you can see most of our rabbits are rare breeds and we try to keep them going and in the public's eye  to show these amazing rabbits


We are situated in the beautiful Blue Mountains west of Sydney. We are dedicated to the education of pet owners and the development of healthy, problem-free animals. We are happy to give demonstrations of rabbit care, bring animals to preschools and hospitals and share our love of these animals. We are the founders of the Blue Mountains Rabbit Club.


We are members of the Rabbit Breeders Association of NSW, Australian Show Rabbit Council, Rabbit Exhibitors and Breeders Society, the Rabbit Hopping Society, and Animal Care Australia.

Rabbits are not the quiet undemanding animals people think. They let you know what they like and dislike and whether they are happy or not. They will give you affection in kisses, or stomp and turn their backs when they are unhappy with you. They love to learn tricks and can be toilet trained so that they can live happily in a home unit or house.

Susan & Graeme Batho